Craft foam (lion board)
Vinyl fabrics (larisa)
Clear coat spray (can)
Polystyrene balls
G10 glue
Led lights + transistor + cable
Battery holders
Createx airbrush colors
Blue / green film
Clear resin/polyesterglas
Super glue

Wet look spandex fabric
On / off switch for battery
Straps for the balls
Clear pvc sheet
Clear resin/polyesterglas
Super glue

Time to complete the costume:
Six months+

Materials cost:


My dream cosplay. I used craft foam for the body + helmet and used polystyrene balls for the shoulders. Everything was covered with vinyl fabrics. I bought the foam (lion board) and
vinyl fabrics (larisa) from Okadaya in Japan. It's possible to order from their webshop with a shopping service. I also bought the G10 glue there but you can get that from Tokyu Hands as well.

For the purple and bronze parts I could not find the kind of shade I wanted in the fabrics so I airbrushed the fabric instead and then sealed with clear coat spray.

The suit is powered by 20 AA batteries for it's 184 led lights